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28 June 2025 @ 11:16 am
NOTE: If you wish to add your character's interaction with Tenten's past, feel free to contact me and I'll gladly discuss character connections with you. All character connections and relationships are listed [ HERE ]. So far she's not known by anyone, and that makes me somewhat sad. Oh why did you have to be so obscure, Tenten? ;__;

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09 June 2025 @ 11:33 am
This is for my convenience, and maybe yours if you ever wanna see what she's been up to lately. Plus it's an easy way to make sure that I'm not RPing Tenten in two places at once. :P

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A tentative timeline of Tenten's history and background can be found HERE and HERE
References to Chinese Holidays can be found HERE and HERE
Reference to official Japanese Holidays can be found HERE

NOTE: Obviously this will be updated as the RP moves along.
17 May 2025 @ 11:36 am

(Yes, Tenten named her phone. ^^;)

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02 May 2025 @ 11:38 am
Notable Friends/Character Connections [ to be filled out and completed once character relations are discussed with other members ]

Kagyua Kimimaro [ slaveofanarchy ] - Her main connection to the Underground and its inner workings. It is Tenten's job to supply Kimimaro with medicine for his unexplained illness as well as relay information that she manages to gather about operations occurring above ground. Theirs is a mainly business relationship for the most part. At the same time, she cannot help but feel some sort of fondness towards him and his normally neutral demeanor. She enjoys the brief conversations that they have and has begun to grow somewhat protective of him. Living in solitude and secret, Tenten believes that he is the closest thing to a friend that she has.

Hoshigaki Kisame [ explodethewater ] -

Sabaku no Gaara [ introcidal ] - Much like Kimimaro, Tenten enjoys the short conversations the two of them have had as well, although for an entirely different reason. She enjoys challenging his views on life and society in general, not because she thinks them to be wrong, but because she believes that they are based on limited knowledge/experience. There is little that Tenten knows of him, but Gaara has implied on several occasions that he's lived a very sheltered life up until recently, thus making his perspective skewed at best. In her mind, he is more than welcome to keep his opinions as they are...but not until after he gets all the facts.

Rock Lee [ tribal_lotus ] -

Uzumaki Naruto [ nonredemption ] -

Hyuuga Neji [ aisgle ] -

Hyuuga Hinata [ niveusflora ] -

Hyuuga Hiashi [ hiashi_sama ] - Strictly a business relationship, Hiashi came across her on a matter of chance. After finding an advanced Hyuuga scanner, he (or rather one of his men) traced the modifications back to her.

Ren - Gyrfalcon
09 June 2009 @ 07:17 pm
Between the two, I'm starting to think that Ren was a better choice in who I chose to befriend...

After weeks of chaotic adjustment, things seem to have finally FINALLY settled down at the shop. In fact, Lee has been rather... quiet as of late. And I'm not sure how exactly I feel about that. The boy has a strange knack for getting himself into a fair amount of trouble when left to his own devises. Nonetheless, at least I can finally concentrate on my work without a thousand questions (both for me to answer and to ask). For the moment, anyways.

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Still... it's nice to have the company of someone who will actually talk back to you.

[[OoC: Despite Hiashi being dropped (last I heard) for inactivity, I hope it's ok that I keep her connection to Hyuuga Corp.]]
It seems picking up strays is starting to become a bad habit for me. Only this time, it's come in the form of a person instead of a bird. Interesting story behind that. Remind me to tell you that another time when I'm not wondering about it myself.

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This is definitely a turn of events I never expected.
Location: Backroom, shop
05 April 2009 @ 01:19 pm
So nice to know that some traditions can withstand the test of time...

Now then, who the hell plastered my work tools together? 8|
Location: Backroom, shop
Thus another year passes without fail. And I am glad to say that I have survived it. Hopefully it will be the same for many years to come.

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As is the tradition, I set my alarm clock for midnight. I hardly get much sleep these days, anyways. And now, I wait to sun rise over the walls. From where? That's for me to know. In the meantime... I suppose I could find something to occupy my thoughts til then. Other than the usual, anyways.

There were a few new designs that I wanted to streamline...

Speaking of which, to the stranger that stopped by my shop a few weeks ago, the samples are finished. So if you're still interested in ordering, I'd suggest you hurry up before I send them out to my clients.
And I thought I had seen everything in Spirix. But I guess it just goes to show, people can surprise you. Then again, life wouldn't be as fun if everyone were predictable.

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So... what, exactly, does it mean when a person stays down here by choice?
09 February 2009 @ 08:21 pm
In accordance to some ancient and traditional festival... the Parade of Lanterns was tonight. And for a good hour or so, the streets of the Lower Tier were lit up like a stadium. I still don't understand the point to the occasion. And I'm almost certain it's not exactly the same as it was way back when... whenever that was. But I have to admit, it was nice seeing the multi-colored lights weaving through the rubble from my bedroom window.

It was a nice break from the usual darkness.

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Even Ren saw it fit to perch himself on the ladder for a view. Although, he's yet to leave. And the parade's been over for about two and a half hours now. Tch... maybe he just doesn't want me to be alone tonight. But I'm alone every night. With or without his presence...

Or maybe I'm just slowly growing mad from the solitude.